Does Your Copy Suck? Here Are 9 Ways To Grab Attention And Make More Sales!

One of the hardest thing for people it seems is creating copy. If your new to the term copy simply means the words you right on your Facebook statuses or sales pages to get people to take action.

For example

“Does Your Copy Suck? Here Are 9 Ways To Grab Attention And Make More Sales! “

The headline above is a form of copy. Even though i’m not directly selling anything on this post I want people to click the link to my blog and read. To do this I need to reel you in as a reader and trigger certain emotions.

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3 Reasons Why Leaving MLM Helped Me Become A Better Entrepreneur

As you may know I’ve been in MLM for a while and about a month ago there where some complications that did not go in my favor. This lead me to resign from promoting a particular company while forfeiting a decent monthly affiliate income. In a way this has lead me to become a better entrepreneur. This article is not to bash a company but to show that there are other ways to do business online other than being an affiliate.   Read more

3 Things Everyone Should Be Doing Everyday To Build Their Business To 6 Figures

Building a business can be hard, but with daily action steps you can make it pretty easy. Here are my top 3 things everyone should be doing to build their business to 6 figures.

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